Our client feedback services

Great service delivery can be optimized using actionable information in the hands of people who can make things happen. We provide the services you need to gain quality client feedback helping you grow your business.

planning and advice

With over 25 years’ experience – we have supported clients in many sectors including professional services, IT, hospitality and financial services. We have a track record of implementing successful short, medium and long term national and international feedback programs that help our clients succeed.

Interviewing Services

In today’s market it’s essential to use different interviewing methods to gather feedback.

Acuigen provide very high quality interviewing services, and we facilitate integrated approaches using telephone, web, in-person and multi-agency.

CustomServe Technology

CustomServe is our client insight platform to gather, measure and aggregate client and customer opinion. It puts information, knowledge and content at your fingertips to make informed business decisions to excel in business.

Helping you systematically gather client feedback so that you can make informed business decisions