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Customer feedback solutions that create value

Acuigen is a specialist customer feedback service company whose purpose is to enable our clients to receive regular feedback/opinion from their customers, and to assist them to make informed decisions to improve their business productivity based upon the feedback received. 

The design, development, and implementation or refreshing of an existing customer or client feedback programme will often represent a strategic initiative for many of our clients.  We support our clients by assisting them gather the customer feedback, providing the specialist software needed to process the information and understand it, and share with them and help them learn and embed the knowledge management skills that are needed to use customer feedback effectively to grow and extend their businesses.    

The skills and experience we provide range from planning, questionnaire design, research process design, interviewing services, analysis and reporting services including online delivery of information, programme management, system integration, and advice.

Our clients feed back to us that they highly value both our in-house fieldwork team who can carry out both qualitative and quantitative client branded interviews, including in-depth discussions, and our CustomServe ‘Customer Feedback Knowledge Management' software, providing feedback to the desktops of decision makers making the feedback so much more actionable and empowering.   

We are also a Market Research Society Company Partner, and one of the very few providers who hold both ISO 20252:2006 (market research) and ISO 9001:2008 (quality) accreditations - ensuring the highest standards for our clients.

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Sustained growth

  • Gather impartial evidence to win new business
  • Retain and grow existing customers
  • Enhance your competitive position
  • Demonstrate impact, efficiency and value for money

Brand and service quality

  • Understand your customers' views of your offering
  • Ensure consistent quality of service across teams
  • Identify and share best practice
  • Ensure effective continuous improvement and innovation

Organisational improvement

  • Obtain actionable insights and make recommendations
  • Evaluate strategic options
  • Understand and mitigate risk
  • Manage global performance and governance

The costs and timescales of collecting and disseminating the results of client feedback have definitely been reduced. We have a comprehensive picture of the perceptions from our clients … plus what their service expectations are … we can also identify more generic changes in client requirements that need to be addressed in terms of our current and future service provision. It really has given us a 360 degree view of how we are performing in the areas that most concern our clients.”

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