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Use different interview methods for rich insight

Face to face interviewing

In person interviews conducted in the UK, USA and Europe using our in house team and associates network, CustomServe is used to manage the planning and documentation of the interview and to analyse the insight gained

Executive telephone interviewing

Commercial and key account in depth interviews undertaken in the local language with senior commercial decision makers in the UK and around the world

Web surveys

Multilingual electronic surveys, customised to our clients branding and optimised for ease of use, feeding into real time analytics and reporting. Often used in conjunction with other interview methods

Collecting ad-hoc client content

Gathering ad hoc content. E.g. from emails and other communication, associating them to client records to contribute to in depth client opinion assessments

Services to gain commercial knowledge

  • Client Feedback
  • High-value commercial interviews
  • 360 degree reviews
  • Key account reviews
  • Investigative discussions
  • Customer feedback
  • Employee Surveys
  • Multilingual research
  • Market research
  • Customer registrations
  • Product registration

Service Overview

Provided as either a snapshot or continuous stream of client feedback content, this service provides professional services firms and blue chip companies with greater client opinion and knowledge to make informed decisions.

Mini Case Study

With our assistance, our international client introduced a new client feedback programme which has now been running for over 9 years. Each month our client receives a continuous stream of high quality client insight from us. This is taken from feedback gathered from clients around the world and allows management and key stakeholders to assess and manage client's views of service delivery and business opportunities. The service helps them to differentiate themselves in their marketplace.  

Service Overview

High value commercial interviews provide a forum to gain deep insight and understanding of client needs. The approach, typically by telephone or F2F interviews normally compliments a Key Account Management programme in to which it integrates.

Mini Case Study

Our client was working on a multi-million £ key account review, having detected the early signs of uncertainty in the relationship. Using our services, our client was able to receive timely feedback from a range of key influencers at their client, there by re-informing and updating plans and account activities. The period of uncertainty came to an end and our client went on to win a major global contract of considerable value.  

Service Overview

360 degree reviews provide a facility to bring considerable content and knowledge to contribute to the management of Key Accounts. They provide a forum to allow clients, account directors and key stakeholders to add value to a relationship.

Mini Case Study

Our client had a major Key Account review approaching and needed to ensure that appropriate planning, briefings and decisions were made as part of their Key Account Management programme. The review which involved all key stakeholders in the relationship was a superb success allowing our client's marketing director to bring new insight and guidance to manage the relationship.

Service Overview

A real-time and accurate picture of key stakeholder relationships that enables management to focus their time on reducing risk, and maximising opportunities.

Mini Case Study

Our international client in the insurance market was particularly interested in the opinion of their key account customers buying their commercial high value insurance products and in particular gaining the opinion of the intermediaries/brokers and how they supported our client. The project provided a comprehensive report that allowed our client to make substantive changes. It has given our client permission, authority and evidence to talk with brokers about customers, to work together, and to resolve issues and drive strategy.

Service Overview

Investigative discussions provide a mechanism to better understand what is not known and shape more structured programmes of client and customer feedback, and the obvious direct benefits of the knowledge gained.

Mini Case Study

Our client serves high value clients in different geographies and needed to understand how their service was benefiting their client, what needed to change to facilitate continuous improvement, and how service quality could be managed with optimum effect. We were able to help our client analyse the underlying customer journey and provide a range of solutions for them to gain the knowledge they needed.

Service Overview

Customer feedback provides similar benefits as client feedback but is focused at larger B2B and B2C markets. These services along with the use of advanced analytics can provide a continuous stream of valuable client feedback.

Mini Case Study

Our international client serves customers in over a third of the world. We assist by gaining customer feedback from 40 countries in 19 languages on a continuous basis. Advanced analytics allows us to micro-analysis and observe market perceptions of our client and their products. The content is used for strategic planning, marketing, product innovation and development and management of the supply chain. 

Service Overview

Employee feedback can dramatically change the nature and scale of an organisation's performance. Comprising of a range of methods including annual surveys, real-time feedback, exit interviews and focus groups, the service provides a key information stream to inform management.

Mini Case Study

Our service provided an annual facility to gather student opinion at a leading university in the UK. The service built the trust of students and staff enabling them to give an unbiased opinion of service delivery and course content. Use of advanced analytics allowed the university's management teams to appraise and make informed decisions based upon the needs of students and help shape the university's communication plan and marketing activities.

Service Overview

This service enables clients with international customers to receive feedback from different countries around the world.

Mini Case Study

With customers across Europe this project comprised over 3,000 commercial telephone interviews with the key decision makers of our client's customer. Interviews in circa 20 languages were undertaken over a period of 6-8 weeks across Europe and the Middle East. Feedback was provided in real time to our client as the project progressed and at the end of the project, the main project findings reported to the European management board to develop strategic plans and local action plans.

Service Overview

Market research provides insight and evidence for key decisions. Using an ISO 20252:2012 (Market Research) quality framework our services include design, setup, interviewing services, coding, analysis and reporting. Reporting and analysis can be provided through traditional methods or online services. 

Mini Case Study

Our client needed to establish business survivability rates in the East of England and commissioned us to evaluate this. Questionnaire design and planning was undertaken followed by a representative sample of businesses interviews by telephone. The resultant data set was weighted against IDBR figures from government sources providing a very accurate representation of opinion and understanding of survivability.

Service Overview

Manufacturing businesses who place products into the supply chain may not know enough about who is buying their product; for example in what geography, and at what price point. This service provides a facility for product registration following a purchase and allows immediate feedback from customers. With the customers consent the service also provides an ability to track their opinion of the product purchased.

Mini Case Study

Our client needed regular client feedback to facilitate better understanding of their customer base, how it was evolving, and opinions of the competition. A continuous tracking programme was implemented with real time analytics providing management teams with key information that was not previously available. The programme is now used by stakeholders around the world to make key business decisions and inform strategy.

Service Overview

Manufacturing businesses who place product into the supply chain may not know enough about who is buying their product, in what geography, and what price point. This service provides and facility for product registration following purchase allowing immediate feedback from customers and with customer consent and ability to track their opinion of the product purchased.

Mini Case Study

Our client needed regular client feedback to facilitate better understanding of their customer base and how it was evolving. A continuous tracking programme was implemented with real time analytics providing management teams with key information that was not previously available. The programme is now used by stakeholders around the world to make key business decisions and inform strategy.

Face to Face Executive Telephone Web Surveys Ad-hoc Client Content

Ronnie Ludwig talks about best practice

"We're very impressed. This is now the second time we've used Acuigen, and I'm sure it won't be the last"

Ronnie Ludwig

Partner - Saffery Champness

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Great service delivery can be optimised using actionable information in the hands of people who can make things happen.

Our highly acclaimed CustomServe Insight Platform puts client insight at the heart of every business decision you make. CustomServe has a suite of online analytics and dashboards that simplifies the representation of information to provide feedback in formats optimised for different audiences within a firm.

Our real time analytics tools help you to easily review ongoing service performance and identify new trends for your industry by comparing your clients' experience of different service lines or categories. Cross-tabulation and benchmarking of feedback can assist you to share good practice and understanding of how to delight clients. Quick access to the interview transcripts helps you to keep pace with what your clients are saying and make sure that your service matches to their expectations.

Access to relevant information leads to confident service development. Our highly experienced programme managers will tailor your reports and analytics to ensure that the right information quickly gets to your team.

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  • Transcripts
  • Dashboards
  • Analytics
  • Reports
  • Repository
  • Integration
  • Operations


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A continuous, well-embedded client feedback programme is the first step in creating an environment where client service excels.

Being better informed provides the knowledge to open up new business opportunities, improve work processes and deepen client relationships as well as build your client loyalty. This keeps you ahead of your competitors and motivates your team.

By extracting meaningful insights as evidence from the feedback content and making it available to the people who can take action, opportunities to excel in the management of their clients are created.

Successful client feedback programmes are part of a firm’s long-term strategy. Leading firms use client feedback at the centre of their culture to create client focused strategies and evidence based change management. By gaining client input to identify best practice across a firm, process improvements can be made and performance management systems optimised to drive future improvement. Client service standards can be set and monitored, and a coordinated consistent approach can become part of the brand. The management team can monitor trends, manage client risks and continuously track improvements using client led key performance indicators collected during client feedback interviews.

Our programme management team are dedicated to making sure that every client project is set up to meet your objectives. They will guide you through the complexity so that you can focus on driving customer experience and utilising the feedback information.

Helping you succeed

Helping you systematically gather client feedback so that you can make informed business decisions

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