CustomServe is our client insight platform to gather, document, measure and aggregate client opinion.

It puts information, knowledge and content at your fingertips, delivering the insight you need for your business to excel.

Here's what you get with CustomServe


Great service delivery can be optimised using actionable information in the hands of people who can make things happen. CustomServe simplifies the representation of information to provide feedback in formats optimised for different audiences within a firm.

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CustomServe Transcripts

CustomServe Dashboards

CustomServe Analytics

CustomServe Reports

CustomServe Document Repository

CustomServe Data Integration

CustomServe Operations Centre

“The use of CustomServe has been helping us simplify the management of the client feedback process and aggregate very important client opinion”

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CustomServe for Enterprise

Ideal for a single office or service team

Midsize firms and service teams

Midsize to large firms, and service teams that require enterprise-grade capabilities

Project planning and design support




Interviewing Solutions for Clients




Input content from structured F2F interviews


Executive telephone interviews

Web based surveys and email invitations

Ad-hoc data entry


Multilingual capabilities

Client Operations Centre


Distribute content to different Audiences




CustomServe Transcripts

CustomServe Analytics

Prioritised Email Alerts

CustomServe Report Templates

CustomServe Dashboards

CustomServe Document Repository

Third party F2F interviewer data entry



It’s everything your organization needs to manage client feedback


Take your business to the next level managing client feedback. Analyse content, gain amazing insights, with analytics and reports. Collaborate freely and securely across desktop and mobile. And work better, together.

Accelerate your business

Client feedback is at the heart of every successful business - provide a stream of information that allows your organisation to excel.

Drive exceptional service delivery

Great service delivery can be optimised using actionable information in the hands of people who can make things happen.

Create brand experiences that drive success

Use CustomServe to provide a rich brand portrait that informs how clients view your brand. Compare your competitive context with your close competitors.

Support your key account teams to boost sales

CustomServe is designed to help you get the right service to the right clients at the right time. Empower business leaders with the information that they need to drive sales and margins.

With Acuigen and CustomServe you get


Great Support

An amazing team, including project architects, data specialists, research professionals, executive interviewing staff

Cutting-edge technology

A collection of superb software

Seamless collaborations

Enable your teams to excel, with back office support from Acuigen professionals

Easy license management

Easy and flexible license deployment

Pre-sale support

Please call for an online demo and collaborative discussion

“CustomServe has played a big part in the success of our programme.

It is a powerful tool for analysing large volumes of data and has been instrumental in identifying key themes emerging from the feedback.

It has allowed us to easily share the detailed results of the feedback across the firm, with regular reporting provided at partner, service line and jurisdictional level”


Helping you succeed

Helping you systematically gather client feedback so that you can make informed business decisions

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